Geez, guys. I am so stir-crazy! I can only chase my Froggy-Frog or Moosey-Moose up and down the stairs so many times before it gets booorrrring. This weather is yuck. Not only do I not get to go run around outside, but when I do go to do my (business), I have to hold still while they scrub off the yummy squishy mud from my feet before I come back inside. Like I said..booorrring!

I thought we were going to get some of that cool snow stuff like we had Christmas morning. My parents were SO excited to wake up to find that. We went outside to play in it and mom & dad took some pictures. Why can’t we have more of that? It made the cold seem like fun!

Not to mention I got to practice blending in. That was cool.

See me?



My Best Friend Ellie.

Hi Everybody. This is me with Ellie! She is my best friend in the whole world. When I first came to my new home, I didn’t understand people very well and I felt a little lost. Then I met Ellie Dog, and everything was okay. It’s so great that her parents are good friends with my parents because it means I get to see her lots.

She plays just like I do! We roll and chew and jump and sometimes make noise until we just can’t do any more. Then we sleep really hard. Something about all this makes our parents super happy.



Ellie and I have played together at parks and the beach and at each other’s houses. It’s the best thing ever! This day was at a park nearby where we’re allowed to run without those silly ropes attached. BEST!

I’ll post more pictures of Ellie here over time because they make me happy to look at.


My mom says she likes pictures of me where I look kind of silly. I don’t know why – I just think it’s a little embarrassing. But she says I’m the sweetest thing ever, which is probably why I don’t really mind since it makes her smile.


Maybe they’ll make you smile, too!



Hi There. I’m Sol.

Hi There. I’m Sol.

I love climbing on rocks, smelling things, chasing things that move, and pretty much everything about living in the woods on Catoctin Mountain. Today I also learned that I really love sticks. Chasing them, chewing them, chasing them.

I’m 2 and a half, I think. I don’t know for sure because I was found roaming the streets of Richmond, Virginia and didn’t come to my parents until I was about 6 months old.

Did I mention I love smelling things? Here. Put your nose right there. Closer. If you’re not touching what you’re smelling, it’s not close enough. There you go..you’ll get the hang of it. Smelling is what I’m best at and I can teach you lots if you want.

This is where I’ll show you some of my adventures, so I hope you’ll come visit sometimes. Thanks for saying hi!fbSolPuppy