Baby Ella Was Here!

Hi guys!

I don’t know if you know this or not, but I have kind of a baby godsister. She’s my parents’ goddaughter, so I guess that’s what that makes her. Her name is Ella and she turned 3 months old the other day! She’s the first baby I’ve ever met so I’m still getting used to her. I don’t know if you know but babies make lots of funny noises to get used to but it’s okay because they smell really interesting!

The first time I met her was a few weeks ago when her mom brought her over and she and my mom sat and talked and talked a lot. I wanted to investigate super closely and smell her all over but I had to use a lot of something my mom calls “restraint” so I was really really tired at the end of it all!

Here I’ll show you. Like this.


Well, today she came back! Because she turned 3 months old, her parents decided it was time for my parents to take more pictures of her and they wanted to do them at our house this time. I think it’s funny that my parents get really gooey when they see her.

Because I was so good the last time, everybody was more relaxed this time and I got to smell her a lot and even lick her some! That was all I really wanted last time, too, but I have big teeth compared to Ella and I get enthusiastic so I think everyone just wanted to be really careful. I could have told them I’d be really nice to her but I haven’t learned how to make words yet.

Mom wanted me to tell you dad took this photo. She takes the other pictures on my dlog and she wants to be sure other people who give me pictures get credit for it.

Mom wanted me to tell you dad took this photo. She takes the other pictures on my dlog and she wants to be sure other people who give me pictures get credit for it.

I’m not sure but I think she might have even remembered me. I was so happy she wanted to see me too!

I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I guess I will so my other pictures make more sense. I don’t know how to say this nicely, but…she had an accident in her pants. Oh I’m so embarrassed for her. Even I know you’re supposed to do that outside! But I guess her parents knew she might do that because they brought all this stuff including new pants.

The very best part is that it meant they put her down on my level on the floor! Oh man..I could really get close then!

I kept my distance a little bit at first to make sure it was okay with everyone for me to go visit closer. See her looking at me? I think she likes me, too!

20130317_Ella 6 Months_154blog

Then I got a little bit braver. I’m so glad she didn’t start crying. I get so nervous when she cries. 20130317_Ella 6 Months_153blog Oh wow. It was so great to get to smell her whole face!

20130317_Ella 6 Months_370

20130317_Ella 6 Months_156blog

I think this might have been my favorite part of the whole day, though. Her feet didn’t smell like big people feet but they still smelled really cool and I even got to lick them a little.

20130317_Ella 6 Months_159blogI had to leave her alone after that for a little while so she could go do her modelling. I know this is my dlog but I think she’s really cute so I guess she can have a picture here too…

20130317_Ella 6 Months_292blogAfter spending a little time with her today, I could really see why my parents like her so much and really hope she comes back for another visit soon!

Thanks everyone for visiting!




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