Hi Guys!

I learned something new today! I already told you some things about walking about in our little woods. Sometimes though we go out on the road.  We did that today and I like it because I see and smell different kinds of things than I smell in the woods. We live out where the houses are really far apart and there are lots of trees and grass and our road is made of dirt and rocks.

My parents brought a big white bag to pick things up on the road to bring home. It was all really colorful stuff that smelled like things I wanted to eat so I thought maybe it was for fun but they seemed a little sad and said it was something called “Trash” and it didn’t belong there. I was surprised it wasn’t supposed to be there because there sure was a lot of it! I think they were right though because the road was even prettier after we picked it all up. I’m still trying to figure out why people put it there to start with.

Can you believe we found all this?!

bl20130319_trashwalk_11It felt good to get to help fix something that was wrong and I hope we’ll do more of that someday soon!

Thanks for coming to see me!




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