Planting Pansies

Hi Guys how are you?!

Is Spring here yet? I think it must be visiting soon! The reason I think it must be almost here is because my Grammy and my Grampa-Will came over to help start a garden at our new house and I got to help!

20130323_Planting Pansies_001

I love it when it’s warm and bright and colorful outside. My mom used to have a lot of flowers at our old house and I heard her say she really wanted to have some here too. She said she and dad are going to plant food plants, too. I like food a lot, so that’s exciting! I wonder if mom will mind if I test the food when it grows big enough?

 My mom and grammy went to a flower store called a nursery. I guess there wasn’t room in the car or something because I didn’t get to go with them for that part. I cheered up when they got home, though because I did get to spend lots and lots of time outside helping them put all the flowers in different kinds of pots and even right in the ground!

 20130323_Planting Pansies_003

It’s still cold here, so most flowers can’t be planted outside yet. Mom says Pansies are named wrong because people think pansies are weak but they’re really very strong. They don’t even mind the cold like some flowers do.

20130323_Planting Pansies_005

I think it’s kind of funny that my mom and grammy wear gloves on their hands when they dig in the dirt. I dig best without any gloves on.

20130323_Planting Pansies_008Look at all that dirt that could be right between their toes and fingers but it’s just wasted there on gloves! Silly ladies. I’ll have to try to demonstrate how it works for them again next time. Maybe they’ll catch on.

20130323_Planting Pansies_009 My gram-parents are two of my favorite people. I’m always so happy to see them that I sing and howl at first. Then I just follow them around and help out however I can because helping is fun!

20130323_Planting Pansies_014

20130323_Planting Pansies_021

20130323_Planting Pansies_016Grampa Will helped a lot by digging up dirt to make room for flowers to go in the ground.

20130323_Planting Pansies_012

20130323_Planting Pansies_019

It’ll be warm enough to plant all kinds of flowers soon but I love the pansies enough to take me through all of spring if they have to!

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!




2 thoughts on “Planting Pansies

  1. Hi Lindsay! Thank you for coming by to read and say hi. I love it the most when people say hi! We love you back and would have so much fun if you came to visit and dig around in the dirt with us whenever you want!

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