Merry Christmas Everybody!

Hi guys did you miss me?? I missed all of you lots!

I’ve missed having my picture taken too which is why I’m super excited to show you my Christmas pictures this year. I get to model and be on cards that my mom sends out to our friends and family every Christmas. It’s our tradition!

This year my mom bought me a little cap to wear. I trusted my mom enough to put the silly thing on my head but I was kind of distracted by it and it messed with my modeling skills a little. Also I have to be honest. I really wanted to go outside and play.

She had made a little area for me to sit in front of but she could tell I didn’t really want to and she wanted me to be happy more than she wanted me to sit there. So she asked my friend Moosey Moose to wear the hat and sit there just to make herself giggle.

Here’s Moosey Moose being super cooperative.

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_57

She laughed at me because I got a little jealous about Moosey Moose getting all the attention and suddenly I wanted to sit there too. Just not with the silly hat on. Haha!

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_58

I also practiced what my mom calls my irresistible face to see if I could get my way about going outside to play. I am a model after all so I need to have different “looks” right?

This is one of my best tries at irresistible. What do you think?

Holiday Torture Take Two

You know what? It worked! My mom’s a super softy.

She likes it when our pictures make people smile and she likes it when I’m happy so I didn’t have to ask for very long. Plus there was snow and mom says snow is a bonus for Christmas pictures!

WOOHOO!! Outside! With my friend Moosey Moose!

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_89 copy

He tried to get away but I pounced really high and really fast and caught up. Rawr!

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_90

After Moosey Moose and I ran and played for a while mom and dad asked me to pose nicely for a minute. I like to make my parents happy so I was happy to sit still. (Plus there were yummy snacks!)

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_82a

After snacks and my sitting still I got to go play again. (The best!) You might remember I really like sticks. I found a great one to attack! And Moosey helped!

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_99_7

20131215_Sol Christmas Card_99_13 copy

I hope you all get to play with good friends and eat yummy snacks for Christmas too! Merry Christmas!



Weekend at the Beach

Hi Everybody! I have so much to tell you about today because I’m on an adventure!

I’m here with my parents at my Grammy’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach. It’s one of my favorite places I ever get to go! I don’t really know what it is I like the most about coming here. I think lots of things make it special. One of them is that my parents are always really happy here and they laugh a lot.

Also there are a lot of great napping and lounging places. My Grammy bought this little cushion-y place right by the window just for “people” like me – the furry kind. It’s one of my very favorites.

20130413_Rehoboth_004For lounging AND sleeping!

20130413_Rehoboth_001There is also a lot of good sunshine here. I like to follow it around to nap and lounge on the floor.

20130413_Rehoboth_022Sometimes, though, lounging on top of my mom is the best. I snuggle so close she can’t take a picture of my whole face at one time. I like it because I’m close enough to get lots of kisses on my face. I love kisses on my face!

20130413_Rehoboth_028But just like at home I only like to lounge and nap for part of the day. My dad is hiding from mom’s camera so you can’t quite see but I’m heading over to his couch to ask if we can go do something outside. He says I ask my mom for snuggles and him for everything else. I don’t know if it’s true or not I just know that I think whoever put the couches this way did a really good job!

20130413_Rehoboth_011The best part is that it worked! I got to go outside where the sun was shining. Grammy’s cherry tree was completely covered in pretty flowers.

20130414_Rehoboth_049We didn’t stay out in the yard long though because even though it was really pretty we all decided we wanted to go see the ocean!

Mom and dad rolled down my window so I could smell the air on the way.


But then I realized mom’s window was open even wider and that was way better!

20130414_Rehoboth_067 I didn’t know there were deer at the beach – did you? We have deer at our house and they’re some of my favorites! I didn’t get to run after this one though. They’re the most fun when you get to run after them.

20130414_Rehoboth_097I don’t know whose idea this was but whoa.

20130414_Rehoboth_126I started to get sad but then I realized we were going a different direction and I was still going to get to see the beach!

20130414_Rehoboth_128YAY!! Isn’t it pretty? Do you have any idea how many cool smells there are here?

20130414_Rehoboth_101I’m lucky because I’ve been to this beach with my best friend Ellie before. It’s not quite as much fun without her there because everything is more fun with your best friend but it was still really great!

20130414_Rehoboth_107 20130414_Rehoboth_110I like to watch the waves and the birds.

20130414_Rehoboth_117I also got to help my parents search for sea glass! I think it’s pretty but I’m not really sure I understand what the big fuss is about. They were really excited to find these pieces though so I’m happy for them! Mom especially liked the one in the middle that dad found.

20130414_Rehoboth_133 I think my favorite part though was getting to see the horses! At first I thought maybe they were giant dogs that I could go play with but I’ve never seen people getting carried by dogs before. Then I remembered I’ve met horses at Grammy and Grampa Will’s before. They were exciting to watch! So exciting I kept watching until I couldn’t see them anymore.

20130414_Rehoboth_121 Mom and dad say tonight we’ll go back home to our little woods. For now though we’re having a mostly lounging and snuggling and movie-watching day because the clouds are out and it got kind of cold again. Days like this are special at the beach too so no one’s sad about it. I know we’ll see the sun again soon!

Hi There. I’m Sol.

Hi There. I’m Sol.

I love climbing on rocks, smelling things, chasing things that move, and pretty much everything about living in the woods on Catoctin Mountain. Today I also learned that I really love sticks. Chasing them, chewing them, chasing them.

I’m 2 and a half, I think. I don’t know for sure because I was found roaming the streets of Richmond, Virginia and didn’t come to my parents until I was about 6 months old.

Did I mention I love smelling things? Here. Put your nose right there. Closer. If you’re not touching what you’re smelling, it’s not close enough. There you’ll get the hang of it. Smelling is what I’m best at and I can teach you lots if you want.

This is where I’ll show you some of my adventures, so I hope you’ll come visit sometimes. Thanks for saying hi!fbSolPuppy