A Sunny Day Walkabout (One of My Very Favorite Things)

The sun came out to play today! That means I got to go outside and run and play and smell things!

It was so great to be outside that I just had to smell the air for a while first. It’s really fresh here in the woods. I like it better than anywhere else.


Don’t worry, I also smelled lots of other things. This time of year the leaves on the ground hold on to all kinds of good stuff.


(Remember what I said about touching things with your nose when you smell? If you can even dig your nose into them, that’s the very best way.)

I also like to climb up on the rocks to see what the world looks like from up there. This is a good one to look around from.

bl20130224_Walkabout_032But then it was time to go again. Because there’s lots more to see and smell!


This tree was super fun because I could fit all the way inside. From the way it smelled, I think I’m not the only one who went inside to play.

bl20130224_Walkabout_045 bl20130224_Walkabout_046

A lot of walking about is just about exploring stuff. Can you tell how much fun this is?? bl20130224_Walkabout_115 bl20130224_Walkabout_117bl20130224_Walkabout_091

I like to end my walkabouts with something called Zooming. I usually Zoom in loops that look like the number 8 all around the front yard. That way I make sure to use up any leftover energy I have before it’s time to go back inside.


Today it was warm enough out that we all stayed on the front porch for a while after Zooming.

bl20130224_Walkabout_123 It was so nice having muddy paws and listening to the wind and my parents talking and laughing that I decided to settle in for a little nap. One of my favorites.




Geez, guys. I am so stir-crazy! I can only chase my Froggy-Frog or Moosey-Moose up and down the stairs so many times before it gets booorrrring. This weather is yuck. Not only do I not get to go run around outside, but when I do go to do my (business), I have to hold still while they scrub off the yummy squishy mud from my feet before I come back inside. Like I said..booorrring!

I thought we were going to get some of that cool snow stuff like we had Christmas morning. My parents were SO excited to wake up to find that. We went outside to play in it and mom & dad took some pictures. Why can’t we have more of that? It made the cold seem like fun!

Not to mention I got to practice blending in. That was cool.

See me?