Do you ever just know something good is on its way? All day long I knew there would be something and I wanted to know what it would be! Then in the afternoon my mom finally said the magic word. “Ellie!” I got so excited! I’m glad she didn’t tell me earlier or I’d have had to be patient for longer. Instead Ellie showed up almost right after mom said her name and I got to keep all my excited energy for play time!

I ran right outside to say hi and run in circles with her. She found a good stick almost right away and started a game of keepaway.

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_002I tried really hard to get my mouth on it too so we could change the game to tug. At least half the fun is in trying!

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_005

Finally she settled down to chew for a while so I got to chew with her. She’s really great about sharing sticks and toys. I’m sure it’s part of why we get along so well.

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_003

When we got up to run and play some more we got a little too rowdy near this little blue jay so he flew away up into his tree.

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_006

I wonder what things look like from up there?

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_007

Isn’t she pretty? I think I have one of the most beautiful best friends in the whole world.


One of my favorite things about getting play time with Ellie is zooming. Sometimes we zoom together but even when she’s resting I’ll keep zooming because I’m so happy to see her!

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_011

Our teeth might look a little scary but please don’t think we’re mad at each other. I promise we’re not. This is one of our favorite games!

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_017

I think Ellie looks like a bear in this next one. Haha! Silly Ellie pretending to be a bear…

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_020

I started to get tired so my zooming was slower but I wasn’t quite done yet.

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_026

Then finally we were ready to rest and enjoy the pretty night while our parents talked and laughed about us. One of our favorite things to listen to.

20130423_Sol Ellie Playdate_032

Thank you for reading and I hope you have something good coming your way soon too!





Geez, guys. I am so stir-crazy! I can only chase my Froggy-Frog or Moosey-Moose up and down the stairs so many times before it gets booorrrring. This weather is yuck. Not only do I not get to go run around outside, but when I do go to do my (business), I have to hold still while they scrub off the yummy squishy mud from my feet before I come back inside. Like I said..booorrring!

I thought we were going to get some of that cool snow stuff like we had Christmas morning. My parents were SO excited to wake up to find that. We went outside to play in it and mom & dad took some pictures. Why can’t we have more of that? It made the cold seem like fun!

Not to mention I got to practice blending in. That was cool.

See me?